CoramBAAF pledges support for National Adoption Week 2020

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As national statistics reveal that black and mixed-heritage children are disproportionately represented in the care system, this year National Adoption Week is reaching out to black communities to appeal to those who are considering adoption to take the next step.

Director of Policy, Research and Development John Simmonds reaffirms CoramBAAF's commitment to a campaign that has played such an important role throughout the organisation’s history: 
National Adoption Week 2020 is both a celebration and a core message about the place of adoption in both its policy and practice context. This year BAAF/CoramBAAF is celebrating its 40th anniversary and that includes the key role of National Adoption Week as it has developed over those 40 years. The message however has always been the same – children need a family for life and if that cannot happen with the birth parents or birth family, then adoption is an option that we know can work very well.  We need adopters to come forward today as much as we did 40 years ago and we know the sector will respond with insight, expertise and respect based on 40 years of experience when that is so.