Independent Review knowledge event: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Children’s Social Care and Social Work

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The second in the series of Children’s Social Work and Social Care Knowledge and Evidence Eventstook place on Monday 24th May and focused on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Children’s Social Care and Social Work and was facilitated by Professor Gillian Ruch and Dr Tam Cane. Presenters Professor Claudia Bernard, Professor Rick Hood, Professor Anna Gupta and Professor Brid Featherstone discussed issues relating to inequalities in child care social work and social care associated with race, poverty and identity.

Watch the event again and download the presentation slides here

In summary the presenters drew on evidence to call for:

  • The creation of a framework of cross-departmental policies to address social problems impacting on children’s wellbeing and healthy development.
  • Organisational systems that support social workers to care, to retain curiosity about a child’s individual life and to be mindful about all aspects of their lives, including their identities, relationships and social connections.
  • Action on injustice. The presenters called for the mobilisation of a moral imperative to act and be curious about how structural injustices (including racism and poverty) are impacting on individual children, their family and community.
  • Human centred policy, processes and practices. Data matters but children and families should not be treated as data they are never ‘stock and flow’.
  • A reclaiming of community social work as an integral part of the profession.
  • Co-production is critical and we need to build a better system together     

Prof Claudia Bernard is also featured on the documentary Ian Wright: Home Truths which highlights the significance of supportive relationships in a childhood blighted by parental violence and emotional abuse.