National Adoption Week 2021

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We are delighted to support this year’s National Adoption Week and the commitment to share the stories of all those impacted by adoption whose voices are often less heard -adopted people, adopters, birth parents and the Children’s Services workforce.


John Simmonds, Director of Policy, Research and Development, has written a blog to mark the week. In Holding adoption in mind he reflects on the evolving understanding of child and family development and the place of adoption within this: ‘Adoption creates a world of relationships both in and beyond the adoptive family. But it is a complex world of significant benefits and advantage, and also of separation and loss. Holding these complexities in mind over time is necessary and hugely significant.’

Take part

We want to acknowledge the key role that social workers play in adoption at every stage and will be running three webinars to reflect on that contribution. These events for professionals are designed to inform and support best practice. There are just 75 places available for each webinar so early booking is advised. If you are unable to attend any of the webinars, recordings will be made available afterwards.

Ethnicity, Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity in the context of matching children with prospective adopters – where are we?

17 November

The placement of children from a minority ethnic background has been a long-standing issue for the child placement sector. This includes the broader issues of racism and discriminatory policy and practice, the conflict between the timely placement of children, and contested issues of the placement of children from minority ethnic backgrounds with white adopters. This webinar will explore the issues facing adoption social workers and the sector in recognising and addressing these issues in a positive and meaningful way.

Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting (VIPP)

18 November

VIPP is a model of early intervention for parents, developed in the Netherlands. It has been adapted for adoptive parents with a strong evidence base for its impact. A project in England was funded by the Department of Education and based at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust - it included the direct delivery of VIPP to adoptive families as well as training social workers in the delivery. This webinar will explore the VIPP model and the evidence base for impact and effectiveness, examine challenges in delivery, and identify the potential for the further delivery of VIPP in different types of placements.

Preparation and Assessment of Prospective Adopters

25 November

This webinar will provide an opportunity to explore some of the evidence about the preparation and assessment process. There is significant international evidence, and this will be reviewed. Key questions will then be explored about the role of the social worker and what works well and what needs further development.


A range of material and information to support National Adoption Week, including real life stories of everyone involved in the adoption process, can be found on the youcanadopt website.

The Read about adoption! catalogue contains details about all of our books and guides for prospective adopters - a perfect resource to use at information evenings and preparation groups. It also includes titles for those already going through the adoption process as well as for adoptive families.