Private Fostering Week - an update

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Private Fostering Week has been an important part of our annual calendar of events. It was originally established in 2010/11 when the government funded the British Association for Adoption and Fostering to establish and facilitate an awareness raising campaign. For some years, we have not received any funding from any source and as a result have continued with Private Fostering Week with our own resources.  
As a result of continuing challenges to our resources, we have with great regret decided that we can no longer initiate Private Fostering Week. This does not indicate that private fostering deserves a lower profile – it clearly does not – but the priority issues for us have to be those children who are on the edge of care or enter care and those that leave care.  And those demands increase all the time.
We hope that at some point, the issue may find some resolution and we can return to establishing a Private Fostering Week.  In the meantime, private fostering resources continue to be available on this website.