'Top Ten' children's books chosen by adopted children - plus discounts on CoramBAAF recommended reads

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A 'Top Ten' list of books chosen by adopted children featuring many titles published by CoramBAAF has been collated to mark National Adoption Week.

Coram children’s charity have brought together 10 picks all suggested and reviewed by adopted children and teens of a range of ages. They have chosen the books they have felt most able to identify with and which reflect their experiences of adoption and some of the issues that have arisen for them.

Many of these titles, plus guides on all aspects of adoption for adopters and childcare professionals, are available from CoramBAAF's bookshop.

Titles include The Teazle’s Baby Bunny by Susan Bagnall, The Most Precious Present in the Worldby Becky Edwards and Elfa and the Box of Memories by Michelle Bell.

Cameron, aged six, who reviewed Elfa and the Box of Memories, said:

"I love this book because Elfa has a memory box just like me. My favourite character is Elfa, especially when she is small and has the Ellie spots because she looks cute! I love reading this book with my mum. When Elfa’s friend Marvin helps her fill up her memory box it makes me feel happy. Memory boxes are very special because they are all about you and at home we often talk about how important they are.”