Higher education inspection copies

Selected textbook titles are available for inspection to qualified lecturers for consideration as a course textbook. Please note that inspection copies are not sent out before the month of publication and are sent at the discretion of CoramBAAF. In some countries a prepayment (proforma) invoice may be required.

Terms and conditions

To order an inspection copy of a textbook, please complete the following form. Please read the terms and conditions below carefully before completing the inspection copy request form.

  • An inspection copy of a textbook will only be sent to a lecturer at a college or university who wishes to consider recommending it to his/her students.
  • A maximum of three textbooks will be sent out for 30 days. At the end of that period the book(s) may be either:
    • Purchased at list price for your individual use;
    • Returned to CoramBAAF Publications in perfect condition; or
    • Retained free of charge if you advise that you are adopting the book as a recommended course text and adding it to a course reading list.
  • If the book is recommended as a course text, you must inform us with your course information.
  • Please also ensure you inform your students’ usual bookshop of your decision, otherwise the books may not be available when they are required.

Please download this form as a Word form file and complete and return by email to michelle.bell@corambaaf.org.uk

We need all these details to be completed in the form before we can send an inspection copy.