My birth father held me at 3 months old and traced me 36 years later
29 Jul 2015

Today we hear from ‘Amelia' who shares her experience of being traced by her birth father…..

I was happily getting on with my life, married with a little girl and a dog. We had just moved to a new house and area when I received a letter from an adoption agency saying a man who...

Coping with the impact of domestic violence
14 Jul 2015

When Helen made the decision to build her family through adoption, her personal experience of domestic violence led her to Lee – a little boy struggling to cope with the terror of his early experiences........

 As a single woman looking to adopt a child between...

Learning how to learn
29 Jun 2015

Gordon was adopted aged 10 by Jeannie, who was adopting as a single parent. Here, he describes his experiences of education before and after his adoption.

I had very little time in the regular school system. In my early childhood I found school a hard place to be and I just...