CoramBAAF provides its members with vital knowledge, expertise and resources to ensure the delivery of high quality services and inform and support day-to-day work. We offer invaluable advice when difficult decisions have to be made; provide the latest news and regular updates on policy and practice in a rapidly changing environment; and facilitate influential professional networks that enable our members to participate in and shape the debate on adoption, fostering and childcare.

There are two types of membership for organisations:

Full membership

Is your organisation a fostering agency / a voluntary adoption agency / a regional adoption agency / a local authority children's services or social work department?

Is your agency based in England, Northern Ireland, Wales, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or Ireland?


Associate membership

Is your organisation concerned with children and families?

Is your organisation a law firm / NHS Trust / Clinical Commissioning Group / adoption, fostering or family support agency / training or service support provider / childcare charity / foster carers’ or adopters’ association / government department or statutory agency / voluntary agency / university department or research project?


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