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Supporting transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse foster carers and adopters

In this reflective blog, we consider the key points from our recent webinar with New Family Social about supporting the trans, non-binary and gender diverse adoption community.

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Embracing diversity

Supporting trans, non-binary, and gender diverse adopters. This presentation will shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities that trans, non-binary and gender diverse people experience within the adoption process.

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LGBTQ+ Adoption

This event addressed the numerous challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces while caring for children, including discrimination, lack of inclusive support, and societal stigmatisation.

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Charlotte Andrew

Experiences of Micro-aggressions for LGBTQ+ carers with a panel of adopters and foster carers.

This essential and exciting webinar gave an overview of Micro-aggressions which are subtle forms of discrimination that are often unintentional but can have a significant impact on the well-being of individuals. Presented by Charlotte Andrew, Proud 2B Parents with a panel of foster carers and adopters.

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Supporting the LGBTQ+ community to become foster carers in association with Proud 2B Parents

Supporting the LGBTQ+ community to become foster carers in association with Proud 2B Parents

Charlotte Andrew of Proud 2B Parents gives recommendations for inclusive practice and covers the terminology to use in terms of sexual orientation and gender identity as well as those to avoid.

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Empowering Adoptive Families Study

This Learning From Research webinar explored this study to examine the characteristics of children placed with lesbian, gay, and heterosexual adopters, and to examine children’s problem behaviours and positive psychosocial adjustment across the three family types.

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LGBTQ+ books

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Children's books

We have a range of books that explore LGBTQ+ topics and themes in an accessible and interesting way for children. Is it true you have two mums?, Josh and Jaz have three mums, and Dad David, Baba Chris and Me are some of the titles that we offer diverse, affirming and heartwarming perspectives for children within adopted, fostering and kinship families.

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For social workers, children's social care professionals, parents and carers

For social workers, children's social care professionals, parents and carers

Browse our range of publications that explore themes and topics that relate to LGBTQ+ children, parents, carers and families. Our carefully curated selection is designed to provide you with everything you need to make informed decisions, gain valuable insights, and receive expert advice and support.

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External resources

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New Family Social

Led by LGBTQ+ adopters and foster carers, New Family Social supports LGBTQ+ people on their journey to becoming parents and carers. They also work with agencies to develop their services to be as LGBTQ+ inclusive and friendly as possible.

New family Social website
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LGBTQ+ Kinship Carers’ and Special Guardians’ Group

This special interest group run by Kinship provides an opportunity to meet with other kinship carers as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Proud 2 b Parents

Proud 2 b Parents is an inclusive organisation for all routes to parenthood. They are run by and deliver services for LGBTQ+ parents and carers to be, LGBTQ+ parents and carers and their children living in Greater Manchester (and the North West). They recognise know how rare organisations like theirs are so their ethos is: if you’re willing to travel we’re happy to welcome you!

Proud 2B Parents website

Charlie Condou

Adopting as a same sex couple with Charlie Condou

#YouCanAdopt is a nationwide adopter recruitment campaign which aims to raise awareness of adoption and bust myths around who is eligible. Listen to this podcast episode with Charlie Condour about adopting as a same sex couple.

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Senior adoption leaders complete 'Improving work with LGBTQ+ applicants' course

In May 2023 senior leaders from across the adoption sector in England took part in a course specifically designed to drive improvements in its work with LGBTQ+ applicants. Read the update by New Family Social to find out more information.

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Our recommendations

Prince Henry by Olly Pike.
All are welcome here by Alexandra Penfield and Suzanne Kaufman.
Grandad's Camper by Harry Woodgate.
The Pirate Mums by Jodie Lancet- Grant.
Jamie by Olly Pike.
Aloha Albatross by Francesca Dryden.
Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love.
The girl with Two Dads by Mel Elliot.
Little People Big Dream series - Ru Paul by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara.