Our legal consultants develop a range of practice notes, briefings and other resources to support our members in their work. They also support the exchange of information about policy and research developments relevant to legal advice and case proceedings at our legal group.


Children needing secure care, caught between the rock of placement shortages and the hard place of regulations

Alexandra Conroy Harris, CoramBAAF's Legal Consultant, reflects on the implications, and unintended consequences, of the amendments to the Care Planning, Placement and Case Reviews Regulations, which come into effect on 9 September 2021.

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Coronavirus Legislation Guidance

On 9 November 2021, the Department for Education has issued guidance on how agencies should deal with assessments that started before 30 September 2021

On 4 October 2021, the Department for Education Covid 19 Guidance for Children's Social Care was updated. CoramBAAF are currently reviewing this guidance.

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Child care law wales

Child care law Wales

This quick reference guide provides a quick introduction to the main legal provisions for the care of children in Wales. Designed to provide a basic framework, it presents a summary of the main statutes, regulations and court rules, with sections on all the main strands of law relating to parents, children and local authority responsibilities.

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Serious case reviews

Safeguarding Children living with Foster Carers, Adopters and Special Guardians: Learning from case reviews 2007–2019

This good practice guide is based on a UK-wide study of 52 case reviews concerning 98 children who had died or experienced serious harm while living with foster carers, adopters or special guardians It shines a spotlight on the issues particular to this group: the selection and assessment of their carers; the support both children and carers receive; and the supervision and management of such arrangements.

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