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Neurodiversity in the workplace

Dr Gemma North explores neurodiversity in the context of social work employment. A lack of awareness and about neurodiversity in social work settings can lead to insufficient support for neurodivergent employees. Knowledge and awareness about aspects of neurodiversity including Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and ADHD must increase in order for workplaces to be meaningfully inclusive.

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Meeting the needs of neurodivergent children and young people

The term neurodiversity enables us to talk about difference in a strength-based way thereby focusing on what makes neurodivergent people unique. Dr Gemma North outlines the importance of acknowledging and supporting care experienced children and young people.

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Journal articles on neurodiversity

The following articles from the Adoption & Fostering Journal archive record the developments and challenges of neurodivergence in the child care sector over the last decade:

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