You can browse our eBookstore library without an account. However, to read any of the titles in our library you will need to create an eBookstore account. This account is separate from your CoramBAAF website account

Your eBookstore account is your private library that only you will access using your personal log in details. To set up your account follow the instructions below or watch our 'how to' video:

  1. Go to the CoramBAAF eBookstore. We recommend you bookmark this page for easy access to the eBookstore in the future. 

  1. Click the options icon in the top right corner (three horizontal lines). Click Sign In


  1. To create your account, you need to click on Sign Up.  


  1. Enter your work email address and create your password. This will be your personal account to access your own private library. Do not share your details with your colleagues and organisation.  


  1. Click Sign up to complete the process. 

  1. Finally, browse our library on your desktop, phone or tablet!

How to create your eBookstore account

You can access the eBookstore using a desktop or via the app. If you download the app you can access the eBookstore on the go using your phone or tablet. Just remember to log in to access your purchases. 

If your organisation is a CoramBAAF member, then so are you! To access your member books you need to use your access code to browse selected titles for free. To find out more contact your link person or follow our instructions

For any enquiries contact