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CoramBAAF is a leading provider of specialist training for social work managers, practitioners, childcare professionals, adopters and foster carers. We directly deliver learning events across England and the British Isles and through partnership arrangements in Northern Ireland and Wales. 

Our experienced Trainer Consultants facilitate a wide range of workshops, conferencesagency tailored training and consultancy services, utilising the latest research and good practice guidance and supported by our adoption, fostering, legal and health specialists, our extensive publications and our information archive.

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CoramBAAF learning events provide:

Child-focused learning

Whether through our uniquely tailored training for agency teams, or in our workshops and conferences for agency delegates and independent practitioners, CoramBAAF's peer group child-focused learning delivers cutting edge training, resources and shared practice opportunities.

Return to practice refreshers

Our learning events provide the ideal opportunity for those who are returning to practice to refresh and develop their knowledge in supportive learning environments designed to meet a range of experience and needs.

Networking opportunities

CoramBAAF learning events provide unrivalled access to professional networks and unique opportunities to develop new initiatives, knowledge and resources.

International learning events

CoramBAAF has well established connections with child care organisations across the European community and welcomes further opportunities to develop, share and learn together.

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Life story work: Enhancing confidence in direct work with children and the creation of good quality life books

19 Feb 2019 | Birmingham

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Developing quality assurance in fostering & adoption assessments

12 Mar 2019 | Leeds

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FREE workshops in Northern Ireland for Health and Social Care Trust members

We are pleased to announce that we will be delivering four workshops for Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trust members, in consultation with the Trusts, as part of their CoramBAAF membership benefits. FREE priority places (four places for each Trust per workshop) are available to staff from the Trusts.

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Beyond Together or Apart: brothers and sisters are for life.

Hear from the speakers at our recent conference on planning for, assessing and placing sibling groups