Supporting adopted children in school

8 September 2021

In this blog, CoramBAAF's Jane Poore and Hetty Verhagen provide tips for making school a better experience for adopted children.

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Unexpected enlightenment at a Wednesday lunch time: CoramBAAF Wellbeing Sessions for Professionals

21 July 2021

CoramBAAF Training Manager, Hedwig Verhagen reflects on our first wellbeing session for professionals which explored the three phases of recovery from trauma. The session aimed to provide a space for our members to reflect on their personal wellbeing and create a greater sense of calm.

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Why do adults adopt? Exploring the factors that lead to adoption

9 June 2021

In this blog, John Simmonds looks at how family and other relationships can provide crucial support and help ensure the best of family placement outcomes and introduces the new Internal, Family and Systemic (IFS) model.

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“A real apology for the mistakes of the past must include action to make sure that the situation has really changed” writes Ellen Broome

3 June 2021

Recent media attention has shone a light on the horrendous practices of forced adoptions in this country during the 50s and 60s. In this piece, Ellen Broome urges us to confront the underlying issues and adopt a more preventative approach.

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Contact practices in adoption and the impact of social media: a legal perspective

25 May 2021

In this blog, Alexandra Conroy Harris, CoramBAAF's Legal Consultant, explains the legal framework that governs adoption contact practice and considers how practices might be adapted to combat the risks that social media poses.

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Taking care and building trust

24 May 2021

Dr Louise Sims, CoramBAAF's Kinship Care and Fostering consultant reflects on the first meeting of our Foster Care Advisory Committee.

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Contact practices in adoption and the impact of social media

12 May 2021

Dr John Simmonds, Director of Policy, Research & Development, CoramBAAF calls for change in support for adoptive parents who are struggling with the consequences of their children entering into unsupervised birth family contact via social media.

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The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care

14 April 2021

CoramBAAF's Managing Director, Ellen Broomé reflects on initial responses and engagement with the Review.

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Hello from Ellen!

5 March 2021

In her first blog, newly appointed Managing Director, Ellen Broomé introduces herself and looks back over the extraordinary events of the past year and shares her experiences since joining CoramBAAF.

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