Whether you want to search for birth family members or feel that you need support or counselling, the organisations listed below can help you.

The Adoption Search Reunion website is intended to be the first port of call for anyone thinking about searching for or making contact with birth and adopted relatives.

Barnardos Scotland can help you find records of your adoption if it was arranged through Barnardos.

In Northern Ireland Adoption Routes helps adopted adults seeking information about their birth parents and their family of origin.

PAC-UK offers specialist therapy, advice, support, counselling and training for all those affected by adoption and permanency.

In Scotland, Birthlink provides support for all adults affected by adoption, including counselling, contact and tracing.

St Andrew's Children Society is an adoption and fostering agency based in Scotland. They have an office in Edinburgh and another in Aberdeen. They offer counselling to all people affected by adoption through St Andrew’s Children’s Society as well as adoption support.

Scottish Adoption offers a range of support services for adults who were adopted as children.

A comprehensive list of organisations that can help you search for your birth family or provide support and counselling is available here.