The information in this section results from research and an agenda for change in Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs). It is a co-production between Lancaster UniversityKinship (formerly Grandparents Plus) and CoramBAAF.

As part of this work, two films have been produced to allow us to better understand the experiences of special guardians themselves and the views of those who work in the sector.

The first film ‘The First Day of Forever’ presents the views and personal experiences of 5 special guardians.

The second film ‘Special Guardianship – an agenda for change’ includes the views of a range of professionals and sector leaders.

This agenda is our joint responsibility to ensure that every child who enters the care system has access to a system that is focused on their safety, needs and welfare.

In addition to the films, further resources have been produced that outline the legislative, policy and practice framework. Reference to research findings is made within these sections as appropriate. Click the links to the following sections to find out more:

Legal Framework



Support for Special Guardians