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Coram Campus
41 Brunswick Square

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Phone: 020 7520 0300

Members Advice Line

High quality professional advice and information services, including specialist advice on health and legal practice issues in England and Wales, is available from CoramBAAF's team of experts (restrictions apply).

CoramBAAF members can contact the CoramBAAF Advice Line on 0300 222 5775 (Mon–Fri, 9am–1pm) or send a message.

Not sure if your organisation is already in membership?

Check below and create your own personal account today via your organisation's membership to gain access to the advice line as well as specialist member content and discounts on CoramBAAF events and books.

If you have a specific enquiry about our work, please contact one of the teams below.

Department enquiries

Membership  020 7520 7518/7514 [email protected]

Policy, research and development  020 7520 7521 [email protected]

Publications sales  020 7520 7517 [email protected]

Adoption & Fostering journal  020 7520 7512 [email protected]

Training/Workshops   020 7520 2041 [email protected]

Conferences   020 7520  7520 [email protected]

Marketing & Advertising  020 7520 7516 [email protected]

Fundraising   020 7520 0330 [email protected]

For press enquiries contact the Coram press office.