As an organisation whose mission is to ‘improve the life chances for children and young people in care’, CoramBAAF has long been aware of how children and families from minority ethnic backgrounds experience racism in their interactions with the care system and its allied professionals.  

Our flagship journal, Adoption & Fostering, is committed to scholarship that challenges such discrimination and respects diversity in all its forms. As a guiding principle, we aim to foster equality, diversity and inclusion within our internal practices and in published content, embody these values in all our editorial activities and to support and promote these values in the research community. 

This includes considering and publishing articles, notes and reviews from academics and practitioners with different institutional affiliations, from different parts of the world and at different stages of their professional careers; we encourage submissions from those who are under-represented within academia, due to race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, disability, or other protected characteristics.  To this end, we are striving also for greater diversity among our peer reviewers. Language, too, is important and we are careful to foster inclusive language. 

This statement is not written in stone. Please send comments or suggestions to the journal's Production Editor: