Our podcast series is dedicated to exploring topics related to adoption, fostering and kinship care. We invite children's social care professionals and experts by experience to join us to share best practices, their experiences and knowledge.


girl and boy with their arms around each other

Episode 17 | What is a sibling assessment?

Listen to Joan Hunt and Helen Little talk about sibling assessment and the impact they have on children and their sibling relationships. They discuss how sibling assessments have been conducted in the past and the variables this generated. As well as covering, what sibling assessments have looked like since the introduction of CoramBAAF's Sibling Assessment Report (SAR) and how it promotes consistency across reports, and the encouragement of a multi-disciplinary approach to capture multiple voices.

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Episode 16 | Post adoption depression

Post adoption depression: What is it? Who does it affect? What are we doing about it? These questions and more form part of Doctor Lynn Snow's Churchill Fellowship research. In this conversation, Jane Poore, Adoption Consultant, is joined by Doctor Lynn Snow to answer some of these questions.

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Episode 15 | Therapeutic interventions

In this episode, Helen Little is joined by Hetty (Hedwig) Verhagen. They talk about what therapeutic interventions mean, why there was a need to develop the course, and how social workers, foster carers, adopters and others can benefit from signing up for the course.

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The secure base model book cover

Episode 14 | The secure base model

Ellen Broomé welcomed Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek to talk about the new edition of their bestselling publications, 'The Secure Base Model' and 'Promoting Attachment and Resilience'.

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Working with children who have experienced neglect book cover

Episode 13 | Working with children who have experienced neglect

CoramBAAF Publishing Manager, Jo Francis discusses the complexities of diagnosing neglect in looked after children and how its impact can manifest itself differently from child to child.

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Episode 12 | The key principles of kinship care support

To end #KinshipCareWeek, Ann Horne and Clare Seth -our Kinship Consultants - go through some of the key principles of kinship care support in our latest podcast episode.

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