Here are some popular and frequently referenced titles available exclusively to members and free of charge. These books are available solely as pdf files, to be viewed on a computer, laptop or tablet. They are no longer available in print, but we have selected to make them available electronically as much of their content remains relevant and useful, and members still ask for them.

We will periodically be adding more to this list so look out for announcements in CoramBAAF News for announcements, or come back here to see what we have added.

These titles were published by BAAF and CoramBAAF (the “successor” organisation to BAAF) retains ownership and copyright of all titles published by BAAF.

Please note: These files cannot be viewed on Kindles or other ebook readers as they are not in the appropriate format.

Achieving successful returns from care cover
Achieving Successful Returns from Care, Elaine Farmer et al (2011)
Adoption for looked after children cover
Adoption for Looked After Children: Messages from research, by Caroline Thomas (2013)
As if I was a real boy cover
As if I was a real boy, by Gordon and Jeannie Mackenzie (2011)
Belonging and permanence cover
Belonging and Permanence: Outcomes in long-term foster care and adoption, Nina Biehal et al (2010)
Children exposed to parental substance misuse cover
Children exposed to parental substance misuse, Rena Phillips (2004)
The colours in me
The Colours in me, Edited by Perlita Harris (2008)
Concurrent Planning cover
Concurrent Planning, Sarah Borthwick and Sharon Donnelly (2013)
Direct Work
Direct Work, Edited by Barry Luckock and Michelle Lefevre (2008)
Emotional wellbeing cover
The Emotional Wellbeing of Young People Seeking Asylum in the UK, Elaine Chase et al (2008)
Evaluating obesity cover
Evaluating Obesity in Substitute Carers, Mary Mather and Karen Lehner (2010)
Exploring infertility
issues in adoption cover
Exploring Infertility Issues in Adoption, Ian Millar and Christina Paulson-Ellis (2009)
Fostering UAS and refugee
children cover
Fostering Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking and Refugee Children, Selam Kidane and Penny Amarena (2004)

Fostering unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people Creating a
family life across a 'world of difference'

Fostering Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Young People: Creating a family life across a 'world of difference', Jim Wade et al (2012)
Growing up in foster care cover
'Growing up in foster care', Gillian Schofield, Mary Beek and Kay Sargent with June Thoburn (2004)
If you don't stick with me cover
'If You Don’t Stick with Me, Who Will?' The challenges and rewards of foster care, Henrietta Bond (ed) (2005)

In Black and White

In Black and White, Nathalie Seymour (2007)

In Search of Belonging

In Search of Belonging, Perlita Harris (ed) (2006)
Intercountry adoption
Intercountry Adoption: Developments, trends and perspectives, Peter Selman (ed) (2000)
Key changes to family justice (England) cover
Key changes to family justice (England), Shefali Shah (2015)
Looking After
Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking and Refugee Children cover
Looking After Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking and Refugee Children, Selam Kidane and Penny Amarena (2004)
A marginalised resource cover
A Marginalised Resource? Recruiting, assessing and supporting single carers, Bridget Betts (2007)
New adoption standards cover
The New Adoption Standards, Regulations and Statutory Guidance (England): What’s new? What’s changed?, Nick Dunster (2011)
New fostering standards cover
The New Fostering Standards, Regulations and Statutory Guidance (England): What’s new? What’s changed?, Nick Dunster (2011)
Permanence in Foster Care cover
Permanence in Foster Care: A study of care practice and planning in England and Wales, Gillian Schofield et al (2008)
Plan for
the child
The Plan for the Child: Adoption or long-term fostering, Nigel Lowe and Mervyn Murch (2002)
Preparing for Permanence front cover
Preparing Children for Permanence: A guide to undertaking direct work for social workers, foster carers and adoptive parents, Mary Romaine with Tricia Turley and Non Tuckey (2007)
Plan for the child
Providing a Secure Base in Long-Term Foster Care, Mary Beek and Gillian Schofield (2004)

working with

Pushing the Boundaries of Assessment: New techniques for preparing applicants and evidencing “suitability”, Jennifer Cousins (2010)
Recruiting BME adopters
and carers
Recruiting Black and Minority Ethnic Adopters and Foster Carers, Gwen Rule (2006)

seeing the

Seeing the Difference? Using video clips to help find families for children, by Margaret Grant (2010)

siblings in late permanent

Siblings in Late Permanent Placements, Alan Rushton, Cherilyn Dance, David Quinton and Deborah Mayes (2001)

Special Guardianship in Practice

Special Guardianship in Practice, Jim Wade, Jo Dixon and Andrew Richards (2010)
Finding families cover
Ten Top Tips for Finding Families for Children, Jennifer Cousins (2008)
Ten top tips for making matches cover
Ten top tips for making matches, Jennifer Cousins (2011)
Ten top tips for managing contact cover
Ten top tips on managing contact, Henrietta Bond (2007)
Ten top tips for placing siblings cover
Ten Top Tips for Placing Siblings, Hedi Argent (2008)

TTT preparing care leavers cover

Ten Top Tips for Preparing Care Leavers, Henrietta Bond (2008)

testing the limits of foster care

Testing the Limits of Foster Care: Fostering as an alternative to secure accommodation, Moira Walker, Malcolm Hill and John Triseliotis (2002)
Unaccompanied asylum seeking children cover
Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children: The response of social work services, Jim Wade et al (2005)
Undertaking an Adoption
Undertaking an Adoption Assessment: Appendix V 
we are
family cover
We are family: Sibling relationships in placement and beyond, Audrey Mullender (ed) (1999)

working with

Working with Adolescents: Supporting families, preventing breakdown, by Nina Biehal (2005)

Working with black

Working with Black Children and Adolescents in Need, Ravinder Barn (ed) (1999)