Trying to  access the members' area of the site, or want to take advantage of membership discounts on CoramBAAF events and books? Whether you're an individual member or work for an organisation with CoramBAAF membership, here's how...

If you work for an organisation that is a member of CoramBAAF (or an agency in membership of AFA Scotland) and want personal access to the members' area.

Check they are in current membership first by entering your organisations name in the box below. If they appear, create an account.

If you're an Individual member of CoramBAAF but you haven't logged into the website before.

If you're a member of CoramBAAF but you haven't yet been given your log-in details for the members' area, then you must visit this page and enter the email address connected to your membership account: 

Register your email

We will contact you with your log-in details. (Please allow two working days).

If you've logged into the website before but can't remember your details.

You will need to reset your password.

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Any other problems?

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