Dennis Golm

Dennis Golm became the Editor-in-Chief of Adoption & Fostering in 2023. He is a Lecturer in Psychology at the Centre for Innovation in Mental Health at the University of Southampton and holds affiliate positions at King’s College London and Boston Children’s Hospital. Before taking up his lectureship, Dennis completed his postdoctoral training as a member of the prestigious English and Romanian Adoptees Study team under the leadership of Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke. His research looks at the mechanisms through which early adverse experiences can lead to mental health problems later in life, and the factors that promote resilience. His research has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals. 


Victoria Walker

Victoria Walker produces CoramBAAF's quarterly journal, Adoption & Fostering in collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, Dennis Golm and Sage Publications. She has a background in higher education teaching, research and academic publishing and has previously worked at institutions including the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the University of Nottingham. Please send comments or suggestions to