Adoption & Fostering publishes a special edition every two to three years, focusing on a particular area of importance. We also publish themed special collections throughout the year, bringing together previously published content from our substantial archive to encourage new perspectives and ideas.

The Power of Relationships

This special edition is a collection of seminal and more recent articles from the Adoption & Fostering back catalogue that explores the theme of the 2022 CoramBAAF's Members’ Week - The Power of Relationships. 

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A&F Volume 43 special edition

The Impact of Neurobiological Sciences on Family Placement Policies and Practice

Guest edited by Matt Woolgar and John Simmonds (Vol. 43, October 2019)

This bumper issue focuses on the impact of neurobiological sciences on family placement policies and practice. Guest editors Matt Woolgar and John Simmonds set out to challenge ‘common misunderstandings and over-simplified messages’ regarding both developments in neurobiology and over-reliance on concepts such as attachment theory in relation to the placement and care of maltreated children. An extensive editorial and two book reviews complement seven articles by many leading experts in the field.

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A&F Volume 39 special edition

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Edited by Mary Mather (39.3, October 2015)

Experts tackle the realities of FASD and answer key questions, including: how does prenatal exposure to alcohol affect the developing brain?; how much (or little) is the problem understood by professional groups?; what are the experiences of community paediatricians, teachers and adoptive parents working on the ground?; and why does UK policy on abstinence from alcohol in pregnancy lag so far behind that of other countries?

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A&F Volume 36 special edition

Multiculturalism and family placement

Edited by Ann Phoenix and John Simmonds (36.3-4, October/December, 2012)

Leading experts from the UK, Europe and the US explore a range of complex and challenging issues, including: Should white adopters be allowed to adopt black children? What constitutes “ethnic matching”, particularly for children with parents from different ethnic groups? What is the current evidence about placement practice in adoption and fostering? Has the concept of mixed ethnicity produced a new set of issues?

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A&F Volume 34 special edition

30 years of childcare practice and research: an overview

Edited by Roger Bullock and John Simmonds (34.3, Autumn 2010)

Eighteen leading figures in the field of adoption and fostering reflect on what has been achieved in family placement in the last three decades and also consider some of the many challenges that remain. Themes discussed include: contact; the evolution of developmental psychology; the importance of recognising children’s family and social relationships through to adulthood; assessment; and listening to children.

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A&F Volume 33 special edition

Kinship care

Edited by Joan Hunt (33.3, October 2009)

There is a steady rise in the number of children who are fostered by family and friends. In this special issue expert academics and practitioners examine the benefits and challenges of kinship care. Articles include: Living in kinship care – a child-centred view; Making kinship care work; Placement stability for children in kinship care; and Kinship foster care – protection or risk?

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A&F Volume 31 special edition


Edited by Sonia Jackson (31.1, Spring 2007)

The focus of this special issue is the education of looked-after children and how and where they are supported or – more often – failed by “the system”. It features articles from England, Scotland and Australia. Themes include: the role of social pedagogy in foster care; education and self-reliance among care leavers; the work of Our Place, a special centre promoting the educational achievement of looked after and adopted children; and the views of adoptive parents.

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Listening to children

Edited by Caroline Thomas and Nigel Thomas (29.1, Spring 2005)

For practitioners or policy makers wondering how to truly involve children and young people in decision-making, this special edition will challenge your thinking and inspire you. The papers focus on gaining children’s views to involve them in decision-making, the views and experiences of young people placed with permanent families; listening to young children; participation of children and young people in research; and much more.

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Promoting children’s health

Edited by Mary Mather (26.4, Winter 2002)

Includes papers on: the interface between medicine and social work; mental health services for looked after children; the role of the specialist nurse; the health of children from abroad; and health information for teenagers in residential care.

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Transracial placement

Edited by Beverley Prevatt-Goldstein (24.1, April 2000)

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