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A spotlight on the mental health of care-experienced children and young people

Liam Hoskins, our events officer, reflects on our in-person event that explored current research on the mental health of children in care.

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Adoption & Fostering journal

Dennis Golm

A call to action: The need for routine mental health support for care-experienced children and young people

In our July edition of the Adoption & Fostering Journal, Dennis Golm's editorial focuses on the need for routine mental health support for care-experienced children and young people.

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‘But what does that mean for me?’: A project to improve the information given to prospective adopters about a child or young person’s health background and future implications of this

The process of adopting a child or young person in the UK often happens through an agency. This can be either a local authority agency (in England, Scotland or Wales), a health and social care trust (in Northern Ireland) or a voluntary adoption agency.

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Attachment state of mind and trauma in mother and baby home adoptees

This study has two aims: to explore the experiences and impact of adoption among five adults (three males and two females, all over the age of 55) adopted from mother and baby homes in the UK and Ireland, and to establish each participant’s state of mind (SOM) with regards to attachment using the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI).

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Dissociation, identity distress and rejection sensitivity in adult adoptees

This US study examined dissociation, rejection sensitivity and identity distress among adults who experienced adoption as a child and the relationship between these factors. Further, groups of adoptees recruited through Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) and social media were compared to assess whether these two recruitment methods achieve similar results.

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Is the future frightening? Anxiety among young people in care in Poland as they move to independence

Moving to independent adulthood constitutes a difficult developmental challenge for all young people. But it can be especially hard for those in foster care who often lack support from their birth families and struggle with concerns about their future.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place from 15 to 21 May 2023. The week is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, the focus for this year is anxiety. Throughout the week we will be sharing resources, old and new, in support of the week.

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Parenting Matters book cover

Parenting Matters

This series is primarily aimed at adoptive parents, kinship carers and foster carers, but many professionals who work with children and young people also find these books helpful. Accessibly written, they offer a professional view on parenting challenges such as toileting issues, children affected by domestic violence and children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, as well as accounts by parents and carers themselves.

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Parenting Matters: Parenting a child affected by self-harm issues

Self-harm in children and young people occurs across society, and is very worrying for parents, carers and indeed the children themselves. This guide specifically explores self-harm in children and young people who are fostered or adopted.

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Parenting Matters: Parenting a child with eating and food issues

Eating and food issues can be common in children – but for those who are looked after and adopted, these problems can last a lot longer or reoccur at later ages, affecting family life and meaning that children are less able to benefit from supportive care.

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