The Outbound Permanence Service was launched in 2017 by the Intercountry Adoption Centre, now CoramIAC, to provide specialist advice to local authorities with children in care proceedings whose plan is to move them with family members or “connected people” living overseas either through special guardianship, adoption or other permanent orders.

What we offer

Our aim is to improve practice and permanence planning for looked after children, resulting in a permanent, loving, and stable home overseas, by providing specialist advice and information.

We build on the existing service offer in local authorities rather than replicate what already exists, focusing on essential elements such as:

  • planning for the best permanence option,
  • negotiating the legal process, avoiding unnecessary delay,
  • preparing for a successful transition,
  • and planning ahead for support.

Advice and information

We provide a specialist information & advice service to professionals Tuesday to Thursday 10am-1pm, staffed by an experienced social worker and a legal researcher. We offer a holistic bespoke service, tailored to each case, giving the legal, assessment and support options available in the overseas country. 

We pool expert knowledge across LA’s and from our library of resources for use by our subscribers, learning from case feedback and harnessing knowledge for future advice.



The service can be accessed via an annual subscription which allows unlimited use. Please note that local authorities with a current subscription with IAC will continue to receive their service from the CoramBAAF Outbound Permanence team.

Contracts can begin at any time of the year and are charged as follows:

  • £899 +VAT for new subscribers
  • £1199 +VAT for renewals
  • £480 spot purchase for unlimited advice per case

If you are interested in this service, please email and we will be happy to arrange a time to talk through options, the benefits of the service and the time we can help save in care planning on complex cases. Our specialist adviser is happy to attend local authority meetings to give a summary of the service.

Join our upcoming training

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Introducing the Outbound Permanence Service

17 April | 12.30pm - 1.15pm | Zoom
This webinar is designed for local authorities who may be new to the Outbound Permanence Service. Find out what we offer and hear some initial guidance on approaching overseas placements. Designed for both social workers and lawyers - involved in placing children currently living in the UK with kinship carers overseas on all legal orders.

Free for members