To support practitioners in their work with children and families on identity and relationships, we have collated the followin list of publications, training sessions and guides that we offer.

In addition to the two National Adoption Week Webinars, CoramBAAF regularly delivers the following courses. Please email if you are interested in being notified about 2023 dates.


CoramBAAF Open Course

Life Story Work: Enhancing confidence in direct work with children and the creation of good quality Life Books

In 2015 research, conducted jointly between the UK children’s charity Coram and the University of Bristol found great variation in the quality of life story books across England and Wales with many being of poor quality. The same research found that children were largely poorly prepared to explore their histories, adoption professionals and agencies did not seem to prioritise life story books, and that adopters felt poorly prepared in how to use and update life story books with their children.

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CoramBAAF Open Course

Objects and their stories

The course demonstrates how objects can be used as an accessible tool to evoke, release and relieve emotions, how objects can become a safe home for these feelings, and how a focus on objects can free the imagination and promote creative practices and relationships.

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We have also published a selection of books that cover the key areas of social work practice with adopted children that help develop an understanding of their identity and how their relationships shape this.

Life story work cover

Life story work

| Tony Ryan and Rodger Walker

Losing track of the past can make it difficult for children to develop emotionally and socially. Life story work is an attempt to give back some of this past. This guide provides a rich and creative treasure trove of techniques and exercises for adults working with children in different settings.

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Digital life story work cover

Digital life story work

| Simon P Hammond and Neil J Cooper

This innovative guide brings the benefits of life story work – traditionally undertaken with younger children – to young people and adolescents. Digital life story work charts new territory through the use of computers, free software, smartphones and camcorders in a range of contemporary and exciting ways.

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Group work with adopted children and young peopl

Group work with adopted children and young people

| Henrietta Bond

This Good Practice Guide considers the practicalities of setting up a group, how best to structure the group and its activities, how to deal with any difficulties, and how to sustain a group long term. Case examples are provided from a range of local authority and voluntary adoption agency groups which are undertaking a variety of important work.

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contact image

Contact after adoption + Contact after adoption summary

| Elsbeth Neil, Mary Beek and Emma Ward

Buy this longitudinal study of post-adoption contact arrangements together with the summary report for only £15.00.

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Planning for contact in permanent placements cover

Planning for contact in permanent placements

| Paul Adams

This Good Practice Guide is designed to assist social workers and managers in planning for contact. It aims to help practitioners to formulate well thought out contact plans; make informed decisions resulting in improved outcomes for children; present well-argued and reasoned justifications for the contact plans set out in written reports, and feel more confident in recommending particular contact plans

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The colours in me cover

The colours in me

| Edited by Perlita Harris

What do adopted children and young people really feel about being adopted? How do they feel about being parted from birth parents and siblings and, for some, their country of birth? This unique and intensely moving collection of poetry, prose and artwork allows 80 contributors to tell it like it is.

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3 kids books

A safe place for Rufus - Elfa and the box of memories - Morris and the bundle of worries

| Multiple

Three essential direct work books for children: A safe place for Rufus, Elfa and the box of memories, Morris and the bundle of worries for just £20!

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