We have received feedback from our members that they would like to be able to share our eBook titles with colleagues across their organisation. In response, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new digital book subscription scheme.  

Our scheme ensures cost-effective access to important resources in a digital format. The carefully selected list of eBook titles cover a range of key topics across adoption and fostering practice. 

Designed with remote working teams in mind, our subscription scheme offers cost-effective access to a curated selection of eBook titles. These books cover a range of key topics in adoption and fostering practice, ensuring you have the best resources at your fingertips. 

The key benefits of our digital book subscription scheme are to support wider readership of key CoramBAAF titles, as our members have requested, at a discounted price.

How does it work?

Select a title from the list below and we will provide a quote for a subscription based on the number of people who would like to access the title. If you would like to pick more than one title, please let us know in the comment section of the form. 

Once the quote has been agreed upon and you have signed the license agreement, we will share the digital book with you to add to your own secure intranet/resource hub, or for you to access via our eBookstore, making it as easy as possible for you and your colleagues to access our titles. 

The subscription will be billed on an annual basis. If you sign up before 31 March 2025 you will receive a quote for a pro rata rate that will expire in April 2025. From 1 April 2025, you will receive a revised quote for the membership year 2025-2026. 

Which books are included?

adoption by foster carersAdoption by foster carers 

Explores the benefits and challenges of foster carers adopting children in their care. It explores: the legislative framework and research findings around foster carers adopting; how to prepare and assess carers to adopt; the matching process for children already in placement; support for carer adopters; contact issues; and whether a carer adopter should continue to foster.

assessing children and familiesAssessing children and families for adoption support in England 

Provides a synthesis of key knowledge needed by workers assessing children and families for post-order adoption support, to ensure assessments are high quality, well informed and suitably tailored to children’s needs.

Beyond together or apartBeyond together or apart - Planning for, assessing and placing sibling groups 

Challenges the reader to focus on the life-long importance of sibling relationships, and to plan accordingly. Drawing on research, practice experience and adopter feedback, it explores: the importance of early planning; what a “sibling-friendly” service could look like; how families can be prepared and supported to parent siblings; and how separated siblings can be helped to maintain relationships.

Managing allegationsManaging allegations, concerns and complaints against foster carers 

Provides essential information for those dealing with the complex processes involved in allegations and complaints. It explores the differences between allegations, concerns and complaints, legal and regulatory frameworks, corporate parenting, practical ideas to strengthen placements and moving forward following an allegation.

The role of the supervising social workerThe role of the supervising social worker 

Provides a practical grounding in what the role of the supervising social worker entails, and how to successfully meet its demands. The guide covers legislation and research, establishing fulfilling relationships with foster families, undertaking foster carer reviews and managing allegations.

Get in touch 

Fill in the form to receive your personalised quote. If you would like to find out more or have any questions about our subscription scheme, get in touch with our bookshop team.

Your preferred titles:
Adoption by Foster Carers
Assessing children and families for Adoption Support in England
Beyond together or apart - Planning for, assessing and placing sibling groups
Managing allegations, concerns and complaints against foster carers
The Role of the Supervising Social Worker
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