Ellie Johnson

Safe in care or in harm’s way? Recognising and responding to risks to keep children in care safe

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CoramBAAF’s Annual Health Conference is fast approaching. Some people ask me, is this a conference for health professionals, or is it about health matters? Well, we try to choose topics that are relevant for our health membership, but often, like this year, the day will be of interest to a broad audience. 

Most importantly the event is an opportunity for our members and others to meet in the same space, to discuss current issues and successes. My main memory of last year was of the excitement of so many people arriving, many attending their first in-person event after three years. There was so much for all to share. I expect it will be similar this year. 

We have a sobering theme though this year, ‘Safe in care or in harm’s way? Recognising and responding to risks to keep children in care safe. It might seem strange to say I am looking forward to a day with such a subject, as I have put together a programme that reflects on some very serious issues. But I know that speakers and delegates will share thought-provoking and energising ideas, and I hope people will leave with a little more knowledge and confidence. 

The morning will certainly get people's brains working with a real mix of different perspectives. For the big picture it will be great to hear directly from Anne Longfield, whilst delving into related research with Dr Barry Coughlan will add an extra dimension to discussions. As we head to lunch, I can't wait to hear from Andrea Ibbeson about her own individual experiences as a professional involved with a very current safeguarding review and Dr Vicki Walker will bring ideas for application to practice. Delegates at this conference always have so much to share and questions to ask and the topic-based afternoon workshops will, I am sure, lead to some interesting debates. 

So, roll on Monday 26 June. Hopefully, I will see you there!

Ellie Johnson, health consultant, CoramBAAF