This group is a dedicated space for Adoption Agency Decision Makers to discuss, share, and reflect on cases, practice and procedures with peers. It is not a traditional Practice Forum, but is a ‘surgery session’. 

CoramBAAF has been delivering a series of training sessions around the country on behalf of Adoption England. This ‘surgery session’ has been developed in response to what Agency Decision Makers have told us would be helpful.

The Decision Maker role can be a particularly isolated one, with a lack of guidance. The time to share, discuss and space to reflect was often the most valuable part of the training and as such we have decided to run regular sessions so Adoption Agency Decision Makers and Agency Advisers can meet regularly.

CoramBAAF’s Adoption Consultant will facilitate the sessions, and will be joined by a Legal Consultant.

Session dates 

The sessions will take place every other month from 8.30am-9.30am on the 3rd Thursday of the month via Zoom. There will be no agenda or minutes, just a space to discuss with peers and will be as follows: 

16 May 
18 July 
19 September - Ellie Johnson, Health Consultant, CoramBAAF joining
21 November - Maureen O'Loughlin, Service Manager, Independent Review Mechanism joining 

Join the group

The group is open to all members of CoramBAAF but you must be an Agency Decision Maker or Agency Adviser. 

If you are interested in joining future sessions and would like to be kept up-to-date with relevant legal and practice updates, join the mailing list now.