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Lunch & Learn: LGBTQ+ Adoption



LGBTQ+ adopters often face numerous challenges while being assessed, matched and later caring for  their child/ren. This can be through discrimination, lack of inclusive support, and societal stigmatisation. Addressing these issues is crucial to ensure that LGBTQ+ adopters feel supported and empowered to be the best possible parents to their child. This presentation provided a valuable opportunity to explore these experiences, understand the impact they have on individuals and their communities, and develop strategies to address exclusion within adoption.


CoramBAAF is delivering a series of webinars in relation to diversity and adoption on behalf of RAA Leaders. These short webinars explore promising practice in adoption work in relation to issues of diversity. We will be hearing from practitioners and experts who will be able to inform and educate us about practicing in an anti-discriminatory way that embraces the diversity of children and adopters. The webinars are intended to be short and accessible so that practitioners can engage with them in working hours and take key learning from them. Details and how to register below.

The National Adoption Strategy (2021) set out an ambition to increase the number of people registering their interest in adoption, to target recruitment around the needs of those children waiting longest, improve the quality and responsiveness of adoption services and support the adoption workforce so they are supporting adoptive families in the best possible way and achieving better outcomes for those children. In developing the National Adoption Strategy, a number of working groups focusing on key aspects of the national strategy have been set up, including a group focused on increasing the diversity and numbers of adopters. These webinars will explore key themes that are being developed as part of that work.


This session is designed to enhance understanding of LGBTQ+ individuals experience of adoption by hearing directly from the community in regards to the impact of micro-aggressions, and unconscious bias. 


Charlotte Andrew, Trainer, Proud 2B Parents


Telephone 020 7520 7520/0310



Sorry, but this event has passed and tickets can no longer be purchased.