CoramBAAF consultants draw on a sound base of interdisciplinary expertise to enable us to promote and develop high standards in fostering, adoption and child care.

We can provide consultancy to adoption and fostering agencies on all aspects of policy, procedure and practice in adoption, fostering and child care work generally and/or provide outside expertise for specific complex cases.

We offer consultancy on:

  • Comprehensive reviews of agency adoption and fostering services.
  • Reviews of agency planning for permanence.
  • Planning for individual children.
  • Placement needs of specific children.
  • Contact issues.
  • Sibling issues.
  • Post placement consultation.
  • Assessment of families.
  • Aspects of race and culture.
  • Disruption meetings.
  • Life story work.
  • Adoption support issues.
  • Team & service developments.

Possible conflict of interest - be advised
Our advice lines are staffed by very experienced staff with many years experience in Fostering and Adoption Practice.  If you ring in to seek advice and guidance about a particular aspect of practice, you should be aware that the adviser may be a member of a fostering or adoption panel that might later on consider the situation about which you are seeking advice.

Where the advice line staff member becomes aware of a potential conflict of interest they will bring it to your attention and offer you the chance to speak to another adviser. Please feel free to ask about this before you embark on seeking advice.