BME adoption and fostering

two bme girls

The term BME here (Black and minority ethnic children) refers generally to children Black African, Caribbean, Asian and Mixed ethnicity. The number of BME children who are looked after by a local authority is increasing year on year and there are many more BME children who are looked after than families coming forward to care for them. The majority of these children are over 5 years old and in need of families to provide permanent homes. Black boys are particularly over represented as older children in the care system and an ideal alternative for these children who cannot return home, may be through fostering or adoption within families who will be committed to their care and development and are able to provide positive role models for them as they move into adulthood.

Families and BME families in particular have a wealth of strengths to offer particularly to children who may have been separated from or have limited contact with their communities of origin. Families who foster or adopt are supported in a number of ways by the agency they work with;

  • Practical support from a social worker allocated to them
  • Financial remuneration 
  • Agency support groups where issues and concerns can be shared with other foster carers/ adopters 
  • Professional training to assist with the task of fostering

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