Lesbian and Gay Fostering and Adoption: Extraordinary, yet ordinary

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The first step to applying to adopt or foster a child could be the hardest. There are so many questions you will want answered. You may feel apprehensive or unclear about certain issues at the start of the process.

You are not the only individual or couple who may feel like this

An increasing number of lesbians and gay men in the UK have been recruited in the last few years to become carers and adopters of children in public care. This increase has been helped by a change in the law and there is a real appreciation of the unique strengths and qualities which such individuals possess

There may be myths that surround adoption and fostering by lesbians and gay men

They are simply not true or accurate. Nothing should deter you from offering the love and passion you have to either adopt or foster. It could change a child's life for ever.

Research into children with a lesbian or gay parent showed that there was no effect on their relationship and neither on the child’s socialising or mental health.

Support is available

The following organisations are able to provide direct support.

Next steps

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