Hope Fostering

Hope Fostering are looking for an enthusiastic and committed person to undertake the role of Team Manager. We are a small independent agency, committed to providing a high quality fostering service for local children in need. You will need to have extensive experience in working in a fostering setting, and management experience.

Job description

1. To ensure that all work undertaken by the fostering agency meets and exceeds the standards and expectations contained in its Statement of Purpose as well as fully complying with Ofsted, Fostering regulations and standards.

2. To develop and maintain systems to measure performance against established standards. To monitor performance according to agreed standards and take necessary action to communicate/advise/assist according to performance levels.

3. To assist in ensuring Ofsted evidence is maintained following an inspection and is reviewed regularly developing to achieve ‘Outstanding’.

4. To support the process of establishing and maintaining a stable, competent, and motivated staff team. This will include supervising a team of social workers, independent Form F assessors and administrators both formally and informally.

5. To offer inspiration, leadership, managerial guidance, direction and support to staff at all levels and ensure that annual appraisals and personal development plans (PDPs) are in place and met.

6. To manage and supervise the recruitment strategy, assessment process, approval and review of foster carers.

7. To participate in investigating complaints and complete management investigations and disciplinary hearings as and when required.

8. To ensure that a comprehensive training programme is developed and delivered to both staff and carers and this is reviewed as a minimum annually.

9. To maximise the profitability of the agency by driving high occupancy rates (matching of both emergency and planned referrals) consistent with quality standards, and by seeking out new and profitable opportunities through developing robust business relationships with Local Authorities by meeting with Commissioning Officers, attending Provider meetings, and by way of marketing the fostering service through a range of media.

10. To establish and maintain effective working relationships with Local Authorities and other key agencies to achieve best outcomes for young people and promote the business interests of Hope Fostering Services.

11. To provide advice, assistance and support to all staff/carers in relation to Child Protection issues and other notifiable events.

12. To ensure that company policy and procedures are adhered to and to contribute to reviewing these as a minimum annually.

13. To be responsible for managing budgets for the agency and working in partnership with the Directors and Accountants, in the absence of the Operational Manager

14. To ensure high levels of productivity and best use of company resources through close monitoring of staff duties, activities, skills to foster training, carer forums and all other events.

15. To ensure that the Agency is maintained to a high standard in line with Health and Safety requirements so that staff, carers and young people can live and work in safe and comfortable environments.

16. To promote the company’s equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice policies in relation to all staff, carers and young people.

17. To undertake training and development as deemed necessary.

18. Monitoring of all statutory requirements.

19. Providing managerial cover in the absence of the Operational Manager.

Person specification

Social Work qualification at degree level
Registered with the Health Care & Professionals Council on a current and ongoing basis (succeeding body Social Work England)
Qualification in management or working towards a management/supervision qualification to a Level 5

Knowledge and skills

Knowledge of:
Fostering Regulations/National Minimum Standards
Regulations concerning Training, Support and Development requirements for foster carers
Childcare legislation including 2004 Children Act
Local circumstances, including a wide range of contacts within Social Services Departments and other agencies, as well as an understanding of the growth areas in the fostering sector

Ability to:
Plan, organise, direct and support staff
Establish and maintain high quality standards
Network effectively and work in partnership with SSDs, LEAs and others
Inspire, motivate, supervise & support staff at all levels
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
Work on own initiative to timescales
Adopt a solution focused approach to difficulties
Recognise and take advantage of opportunities to grow and develop the business of the company


Extensive experience of working within a fostering service, either within a local authority or private agency
Experience of managing social workers and foster carers at Team Manager level or above
Extensive knowledge and experience of Panel processes.
Experience of managing Form F assessments, making decisions about standards of Form Fs, and signing them off as appropriate


To apply...


Karen Daley


0115 9002795


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