Post adoption depression: What is it? Who does it affect? What are we doing about it? These questions and more form part of Doctor Lynn Snow's Churchill Fellowship research. In this conversation, Jane Poore, Adoption Consultant, is joined by Doctor Lynn Snow to answer some of these questions.

Doctor Lynn Snow is a community paediatrician working as Designated Doctor for looked after children for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and has worked with looked after children for over 20 years in various roles  (including adoption adviser) in various areas of the country. She was until recently chair of the CoramBAAF National Health advisory committee and has focused on health records for children post adoption working with  DHSC and NHSE.

She has been awarded a Churchill Fellowship to look at post adoption depression. She held a Fellowship with Health Education England East Midlands for two years looking at leadership in the SAS group of doctors. She has previously worked in West Africa in community child health. She is motivated by the desire to see high quality joined up services at all levels which ensure that the child in looked after child remains the focus. If you or anyone you know is affected by this topic, please speak to your social worker or GP

Churchill Fellowship - a community of change makers – has partnered with Coram to offer travel fellowships to research ideas related to children in care. Next year it could be you!



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