The Child Permanence Report (CPR) is the primary document used by the Agency Decision Maker to reach their decision that the child ‘should be placed for adoption’. The CPR also provides information for adoption panels to reach their recommendations when children are being placed for adoption with the consent of their birth parents.

This course will support social workers to understand the content, purpose and function of the Child Permanence Report (CPR), good practice in its undertaking and how it can be used to provide a full picture of each child’s journey and needs.

Learning outcomes

The session will allow participants to:

  • gain an understanding of adoption as a lifelong journey
  • raise awareness of the importance of the Child Permanence Report
  • understand the purpose and function of the CPR
  • be aware of who will read the report
  • consider some of the barriers and challenges of preparing the report
  • be better equipped to write an outstanding report

Who should attend?

For social workers, reflection on this session may contribute to your continuing professional development (CPD).

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