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Tell us about private fostering in your area

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The Department for Education stopped collection of any data about private fostering in 2015 and therefore the number of children who are privately fostered is not known. CoramBAAF would like to support a better understanding of this often hidden group of children, by asking our members about private fostering in their local authority. We know from our discussions with private fostering practitioners that numbers vary around the country. An improved understanding will help local authorities target how they raise awareness in their local communities and across other partner agencies. 

We would like every local authority to complete the survey! We have intentionally kept our questions simple. We hope they are linked to data that local authorities already gather for their own internal recording and reporting purposes and therefore will not be too onerous.  

We will then collate the information into a report that will be published on our website and discussed during Private Fostering Awareness Day on 6 November 2024. We will also share the report with the Department for Education and ask them to consider collecting data about privately fostered children on a national level. 

Please complete the survey or share the link with the manager who is responsible for private fostering in your area before the survey closes on 26 July (new extended date)

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