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In the UK, the Real Living Wage sets a standard that goes beyond the government minimum wage. With over 14,000 businesses voluntarily paying it, this wage reflects the true cost of living and ensures employees can meet their everyday needs. 

Since its inception, the Real Living Wage campaign has seen over 460,000 workers receive a pay rise. Unlike the government's minimum wage, which aims for a percentage of median earnings, the Real Living Wage is calculated independently based on actual living costs. 

Despite recent increases in the government's 'National Living Wage,' this still falls short of the Real Living Wage. Workers under the Real Living Wage could miss out on over £1,000 a year, with London-based workers even worse off. 

Businesses that pay the Real Living Wage see benefits beyond fair compensation. They experience improved morale, productivity, and retention rates. It enhances their reputation and can help secure contracts and funding. 

In essence, the Real Living Wage isn't just about wages; it's about fairness and dignity in the workplace. By embracing it, organisations can make a real difference for their employees. It's time for more UK businesses to prioritise fair wages for all workers.  

We are delighted that Coram – and CoramBAAF - have been able to make this positive change for all who work with us.