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Caring for unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people: Eritrea


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This booklet focuses on children arriving from Eritrea and provides specific information to give foster carers an understanding of the kind of country, society and family a child may have come from. Includes a general introduction to culture, habits and customs to help foster carers gain awareness about a child’s background and make them feel more at home.

Who is this booklet for?

The booklets are designed for foster carers and residential care workers, and may also be of interest to social workers.


Eileen Fursland is a professional freelance writer. She has written a number of books and feature stories for magazines. Updating and revision of the pamphlets was undertaken by Henrietta Bond, a freelance writer.

Shorter, adapted versions of this series were published as part of the Fostering Across Borders (FAB) project’s resources (with CoramBAAF’s permission).