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The adopter's handbook

| Amy Neil Salter

Thinking about, or in the process of, adopting a child? Read this book to prepare for the experience of adoption, find the right resources to help you and feel more in control through the ups and downs along the way.

Assessing children and families for adoption support in England

| Caroline Thomas and John Simmonds

This practice guide aims to enhance the quality of post-order adoption support assessments, and thereby improve outcomes and well-being for adopted children and families. It will help social work practitioners to carry out assessments that are informed by the best available evidence and practice wisdom.

Adoption by foster carers

| Elaine Dibben and Viv Howorth

Adoption by foster carers is an area of practice that has attracted controversy and divergent views prevail. This Good Practice Guide explores some of the issues behind the contradictory views. It challenges practitioners to reflect on the established “practice wisdom” and adopt a more open-minded and child-centred approach.

Dealing with disruption

| Hedi Argent and Jeffrey Coleman

This Good Practice Guide considers various aspects of disruption in both fostering and adoption placements and is an important tool for those involved in making permanent placements for children.

The secure base model

| Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek

Secure Base is a model of caregiving in fostering and adoption that is based on theories of attachment and resilience while also drawing on child placement research.

Promoting attachment and resilience

| Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek

This practical guide is designed to support foster carers and adopters in offering the best possible sensitive care for troubled children who have often experienced trauma and loss, using the Secure Base Model.