The following forms licences are available for health and social work reports for domestic adoption, fostering, kinship care and other substitute care in England under the licence agreement.

England Forms licence matrix


Licence fees are calculated on different criteria according to the type of organisation and in the case of a local authority, the number of children in your care.

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Forms included

Listed below are the forms used for all child and adult social and health assessment in England.

Health forms

Adult Health Assessment

Form AH (Adult Health) (2022) Adult health report on prospective applicants for fostering / adoption / intercountry adoption / special guardianship / short break / respite care / kinship care / other care.

Form AH2 (Adult Health) (2022) Update report on health of prospective adopter or carer.

Child Health Assessment

1. Consent Form 2018 - Consent by birth parent / child or young person / other adult with parental responsibility or agency for obtaining and sharing health information

2. Form B Neonatal Report on child 2018

3. Form CR-C 2018 - Carers' report - Profile of behavioural and emotional well-being of a child aged 0 - 9 years

4. Form CR-YP 2018 - Carers' report - Profile of behavioural and emotional well-being of a child or young person aged 10 - 16 years

5. Form IHA-C 2018 - Initial health assessment - recommended for children from birth to 9 years

6. Form IHA-YP 2018 – Initial health assessment – recommended for young persons aged 10-16 years

7. Form M 2018 - Obstetric report on mother

8. Form PH 2018 - Report on health of birth parent

9. Form RHA-C 2018 - Review health assessment - recommended for children from birth to 9 years

10. Form RHA-YP 2018 - Review health assessment - recommended for children and young persons aged 10-16 years

Guidance available

Undertaking a health assessment cover

Adoption forms

Form APP (Adoption Placement Plan) (2019)

Form IA (Inter Agency UK wide) Adoption Placement Plan (2023) Inter-Agency Form. This version has been updated to include agreements for placements made between LAs and RAAs and between LAs, RAAs and VAAs. It also includes guidance for placements made between LAs/RAAs but please note there are some different expectations that apply to placements made with VAAs. Read about the associated fees for these placements.

Form CPR (Child Permanence Report) (2018)

Guidance available

Completing a Childs Permanence Report cover

Form SAR (Sibling Assessment Report (SAR) (2021)

Guidance available

Beyond Together or Apart cover

Form APR (Adoption Placement Report) (2018)

Form STAR (the Strengths and Risks (STAR) matching tool) (2021)

Form PAR (Prospective Adopter’s Report) (2018, part updated 2020) - Prospective adopter's report (including those interested in concurrent planning / Fostering for Adoption). Also includes PAR-ICA (for Inter Country Adoptions) (2019).

Guidance available

Undertaking an Adoption Assessment cover

Form PPEP (Placement Plan for Early Permanence) (2021)

Connected Persons form

Form C (Connected Persons – Families and Friends England) (2020) – for assessing prospective substitute carers for a particular child or group of children, including special guardianship. CoramBAAF revised edition published 2020.

Guidance available

Undertaking Connected Person Assessment cover

Fostering forms

Form F (Fostering England) (2018) – for assessing prospective foster carers, published 2018 with Guidance Notes updated 2019.

Guidance available

Undertaking Fostering Assessments cover

Form FR (Foster Carer Review England) – for reviewing fostering placements, forms for Sections C, D, F and I updated October 2019.

Guidance available

Undertaking a Foster Carer Review cover

FSMR (Fostering Service Monitoring Report) – for reports under National Minimum Standard 25 of the Fostering Services National Minimum Standards, and Regulation 35 of the 2011 Fostering Regulations (as amended) published 2018.

Form PPFP (Placement Plan for Fostering Placements England) – published 2018.

Guidance available

Devising a placement plan cover

Form R (Risk Assessment in Fostering in England) - published 2021

Guidance available

Devising and updating risk assessments cover

Checks and References Resources

(2017, partially updated 2019 and 2022) for use with all of our family and carer assessment forms: Form C (Connected Person) (2020) England; Form F (Fostering England) (2018); FormPAR (Prospective Adopter’s Report) (2018, part updated 2020); Form PAR (Reg 30F) (Prospective Adopter’s Report for foster carers adopting) (2019) and Form PAR-ICA (for Inter Country Adoptions) (2019):

Consent to checks and references (2019)
Personal reference form (2019)
Interview record and analysis form (2017)
Home safety check (2019)
Dog assessment form (2017)
Pet assessment form (2017)
Financial statement and checklist (2022)
Former partner check (2019)
Employment and voluntary activity form (2019)
School and nursery reference form (2019)

Guidance available

Undertaking checks and references cover