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Undertaking an adoption assessment in England


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This guide is designed to help social workers to manage and complete a comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of prospective applicants who want to adopt a child or children. It is to be used by assessing social workers to complete a Prospective Adopter's Report using the CoramBAAF Form PAR (for England), revised in 2018.

The guide is primarily based on Part 1 of the PAR, which pulls together information about the applicant - individual profile; family and environmental factors; present circumstances and becoming adopters.

Each section of the guide presents a list of trigger questions that can facilitate further discussion and encourage exploration of different areas and suggestions as to how this can be analysed to assess an applicant's suitability, or not, to adopt.

Who is this book for?

All those undertaking adoption assessments. The guide will be of particular use to those who are new to the task, overwhelmed by it or concerned about covering all necessary aspects.

What you will find in this book

Logically structured and very accessibly presented, this guide:

  • assists the assessing social worker in collecting some of the basic information necessary to complete a comprehensive Stage Two assessment;
  • prompts the social worker to analyse the information they have collected with regard to its effect on the application;
  • alerts the assessing worker to relevant guidance and regulations.

The guide includes worksheets to help assessors to plan and keep track of ongoing assessments, worksheets for adopters, and useful checklists about safer caring, completing ecomaps and health and safety issues.

Appendix V - Worksheets for adopters       Download worksheets 


Elaine Dibben has over 20 years’ experience of working in adoption and fostering in local authority and voluntary adoption agency settings. She was manager of the Independent Review Mechanism, which she set up, until taking on a role in BAAF as a trainer consultant. She is now CoramBAAF’s Adoption Development Consultant alongside acting as a panel chair for both adoption and fostering panels.

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