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Effective adoption panels

| Jenifer Lord, Deborah Cullen, revised by Elaine Dibben

2022 EDITION Effective adoption panels provides guidance on the roles and responsibilities, as well as the laws and regulations, connected to adoption panels. It is the only guide designed to help panels make sound and effective recommendations.

Moving to Adoption

| Mary Beek, Elsbeth Neil and Gillian Schofield

This guide introduces an authoritative practice model for supporting children’s moves from their foster family to their adoptive family – the University of East Anglia (UEA) Moving to Adoption model. Drawn from a two-year practice development project, the UEA model promotes sensitive practice that is responsive to the child’s needs.

Effective adoption and fostering panels in Scotland

| Marjorie Morrison

2021 EDITION What are the roles and responsibilities of adoption and fostering panel members? What laws and regulations determine how these panels function? How can panels help to make better placements? This book answers these and many other questions and is the first and only definitive guide for members of both adoption and fostering panels.

The adopter’s handbook on education (Scotland)

| Alison Rennie Parkinson and Eileen Fursland

This is a must-read book for any parent seeking to support their adopted child through school in Scotland. It contains information advice and ideas on: choosing and starting a new school; working with a child's school and teachers; financial and other support available for previously looked after children; and rights, special needs support, exclusion and alternative provision.

Child care law Wales

| Alexandra Conroy Harris with Deborah Cullen. Welsh additions by Sarah Coldrick

This quick reference guide provides a quick introduction to the main legal provisions for the care of children in Wales. Designed to provide a basic framework, it presents a summary of the main statutes, regulations and court rules, with sections on all the main strands of law relating to parents, children and local authority responsibilities.

Adopting a child

| Jenifer Lord

2021 EDITION. This beginner’s guide is the book for anyone considering adopting in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. This book will guide you through the adoption process, reflecting current legislation and guidance, with real life adoption stories.

Undertaking an Adoption Assessment (Scotland)

| Elaine Dibben, Helen Runciman, Robin Duncan

The guide is primarily based on Part 1 of the PAR(S) 2020 for Scotland, which pulls together information about the applicant – individual profile; family and environmental factors; present circumstances and becoming adopters. It now includes the additional experience, skills and understanding needed by prospective adopters in their role as foster carers when being dual approved under both fostering and adoption regulations or when considering a concurrent placement, and ideas for evidencing the relevant skills and experience of foster carers wishing to adopt a child in their care.

Writing a later life letter

| Fran Moffat

A later life letter is one written by a social worker to a child who is being adopted, to help the child make sense of their past, but it is intended to be read later in the child’s life - a difficult and delicate task even for experienced workers. This Good Practice Guide focuses on the practicalities of writing a later life letter.