Kinship Care Week (2 – 8 October 2023) is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the commitment of kinship carers and the role they play in the lives of children.

Kinship care’s profile has increased considerably over the past year but more needs to be done. This year’s theme of #DoOneThing aims to continue to raise awareness and keep the spotlight on kinship care.

CoramBAAF lends its full support and has a series of publications planned for the week.

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Monday | 2 October

#DoOneThing to raise awareness

Do one thing kinship care week logoIn her blog kinship care consultant, Clare Seth, highlights why we still need to raise awareness about kinship care despite the recent spotlight.

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Tuesday | 3 October

Ukrainian children in kinship care

Child kissing a baby's headMany children and their families fleeing the war in Ukraine are now living with kinship carers in the UK. In July, we co-produced a series of FAQs to help professionals address their complex needs. Our new Top Ten Tips for Working with Ukrainian children living in kinship arrangements in England offers a concise version of this information.

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Wednesday | 4 October

Challenges and Complexities

Ann Horne and Clare SethDuring CoramBAAF Members’ Week, we hosted Challenges and Complexities in kinship care planning. You can now watch the webinar recording by signing in to your website account. In support of Kinship Care Week, Clare Seth - our Kinship Consultant - answers your questions about kinship care planning. These questions were asked by our attendees during our Members' Week webinar.

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Thursday | 5 October

Unlawful placements

First page of the practice noteIn our Exploring Expertise webinar “Square peg in a round hole” – Kinship Care we unpacked the issue of unlawful placements within kinship care. In many situations, the reality of the placement becoming unlawful speaks more to the limitations of the regulations themselves, than whether the placement is the best place for a child to live. In an effort to help practitioners navigate these challenges, we are publishing a practice note Unlawful placements in kinship care.


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Friday | 6 October

Support for carers

grandparent holding hid grandchildTo end the week, Ann Horne and Clare Seth go through The key principles of kinship care supportin our latest podcast episode. Members can also watch the Exploring Expertise webinar on this subject which explored ‘what can effective kinship support look like’ in the context of statutory social work provision.

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