Applicant's workbook

Preparing to Adopt in Scotland - Applicant's workbook

Updated 2019 by AFA Scotland and Adoption UK Scotland


Preparing to Adopt is a well-established and popular training programme that has been used extensively throughout the UK for many years. The programme consists of a trainer’s guide, a workbook for applicants considering adoption, and a PowerPoint presentation. Supporting material also includes film clips, available online, alongside handouts and exercises for delegates supplied electronically.

This edition of Preparing to Adopt addresses the situation and regulatory framework in Scotland. It offers relevant, high quality and comprehensive preparation for applicants considering adoption and will equip them with sufficient knowledge to help make an informed decision. The programme will also provide agencies with an agreed common curriculum for preparation courses in a format that is flexible and allows applicants as well as agency staff to make practical use of the learning to underpin the assessment.

Nine modules are offered on the following topics:

MODULE 1: What is adoption?

MODULE 2: The children needing adoption

MODULE 3: The adoption process

MODULE 4: Children’s development and attachment

MODULE 5: The needs of children affected by neglect and abuse

MODULE 6: Becoming a parent through adoption

MODULE 7: Linking, matching and introductions

MODULE 8: Telling, contact and social media

MODULE 9: Life as an adoptive family – learning to live together

This Applicant's Workbook contains articles on a number of topics covered in the training programme and brought to life by narratives from adopters who share their experience of the adoption process and parenting children, as well as writing by adopted children and young people that offer an insight into their feelings about adoption.

A Trainer's Guide is also available.

Preparing to Adopt will enable prospective adopters to have sufficient information to consider what adoption will mean for them and their family, provide an understanding of the needs of children awaiting adoption in Scotland and help them to decide whether adoption is right for them.