Early permanence is a child-centred approach that provides crucial early-stage stability while a court decides the final care plan for a child. The aim of early permanence is to prevent multiple moves of a child during the care planning process and thereby reduce the associated trauma of separation from and loss of attachment figures. Its value has been recognised by the introduction of a statutory obligation for local authorities to consider early permanence placements for appropriate children.

This webinar is aimed at legal professionals and those working with legal departments in the children and families sector. It will provides a comprehensive review of the fundamentals of early permanence, the legal context, and the latest national developments as well as hearing from an early permanence carer about their own experience of early permanence.


  • HHJ Atkinson, DFJ for East London
  • Jane Poore, Adoption Consultant, CoramBAAF
  • Alexandra Conroy Harris, Legal Consultant, CoramBAAF
  • Vicky Davidson