These are the terms and conditions under which CoramBAAF accepts job vacancy advertisements and in placing an advert you agree to be bound by them.  

  1. CoramBAAF may refuse to accept or cancel an advertisement at its discretion.  
  2. In placing an advertisement you guarantee CoramBAAF that it is accurate, not misleading and in compliance with English law and relevant codes of practice.
  3. CoramBAAF will use its best endeavours to display the advertisement until the closing date unless the advertiser is found to be in breach of any of these terms and conditions. We accept no responsibility for any interruption of this service caused by technical failures. We offer no guarantee as to the number of times the advertisement will be viewed.  
  4. CoramBAAF will raise an invoice using the details provided at the time the advert is made live on the site.
  5. CoramBAAF is not responsible for any loss the advertiser may suffer as a result of the appearance, delayed appearance or non-appearance of the advert.  
  6. If a change needs to be made to the advert please call 020 7520 7514 / 7518.
  7. If an advert is cancelled after its appearance on our website no refund of the fee will be made.