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Does your local authority/organisation recognise being ‘care experienced’ as a protected characteristic?


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Advice Line Q&A

Read our answer to an Advice Line query about transition for a child who has had a bereavement

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Adoption & Fostering special collection

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When carers end foster placements: Exploring foster carers’ experience of adolescent foster placement breakdown (Dec 2019) 
Daniella Valentine, Fiona MacCallum and Jacky Knibbs 
Positive parenting in foster care: A video-feedback intervention to promote positive parenting – theory and practice (Dec 2021) 
Delphine West, et al. 
For a UK pilot study of the above intervention, see: 
Using video feedback to support adoptive families in the UK: An exploratory pilot study (Sept 2022) 
Paul Dugmore et al. 

Ellie Johnson and James Bury

CoramBAAF Conversations | What is a health assessment?

Watch our health consultant, Ellie Johnson, in discussion with our head of policy, research and development, James Bury, explore what a health assessment is and how it can be used to better the lives of children and young people.

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CoramVoice & YVIC | Hull Young Voices Influencing Care

Beyond the adoption order book cover

Beyond the adoption order

Beyond the Adoption Order provides detailed estimates of the number of adoptions that disrupt post order, explores the factors that influence disruption and compares the stability of adoption orders with special guardianship and residence orders.

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Fostering changes book cover

Fostering changes

This unique training course brings a collaborative approach to training. It is designed for use with foster carers in the local authority, voluntary and independent sectors. It draws substantially on ideas from current parenting training programmes that use a cognitive behavioural approach to develop skills.

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