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Advice Line Q&A

Read our answer to an Advice Line query about transition for a disabled child.

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Sharon McPherson

Learning from Windrush: a kinship care context

Sharon McPherson draws from her personal experiences as a kinship carer to provide valuable context and insight into her research, which explores new dimensions of kinship care through a lens of cultural curiosity.

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Devising a placement plan book cover

Devising a placement plan

This guide has been written to help social workers understand the process for completing the Placement Plan and how it links to the Care Plan, and the health and education plans required by the Care Planning, Placements and Case Review (England) Regulations 2010.

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Moving to Adoption book cover

Moving to Adoption

This guide introduces an authoritative practice model for supporting children’s moves from their foster family to their adoptive family – the University of East Anglia (UEA) Moving to Adoption model.

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The Role of Fostering for Adoption in Achieving Early Permanence for Children  book cover

The Role of Fostering for Adoption in Achieving Early Permanence for Children

For children unable to live with their birth family, there are a number of permanence options for social work practitioners to consider. The newest of these is Fostering for Adoption (FfA), introduced into England and Wales by the Government in 2013. This Good Practice Guide considers its effect on the landscape of permanence planning.

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Parent and child fostering book cover

Parent and child fostering

Parent and child arrangements with foster carers are a well-established phenomenon in England and Wales; less so in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the majority of cases, this means adults with their children living with foster carers, usually in the context of care proceedings. This is a specialist area of work characterised by the uniqueness of having adult parents in the foster home.

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