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Many child protection cases today involve parental substance misuse. At a time of rising concern over its possible effects on children, this anthology is a timely contribution to our knowledge and understanding. Vividly illustrated with case examples and first-person accounts from those directly affected, medical experts provide much needed information on the effects on children of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and practitioners address the challenges that social workers face, including assessing children and planning and supporting their placements.

This collection provides a solid foundation for child care social work today, providing practitioners with the knowledge they need to understand the effects of parental substance misuse on children and how this, in turn, should affect how they plan for, assess, place and support those children.

Who is this book for?

This guide is ideal for all those who work with or care for looked after and adopted children who may have been affected by parental substance misuse, including social workers and medical advisers.

What you will find in this book

This book includes information on:

  • Working with the medical adviser
  • The effects of psychoactive drugs
  • The effects of drug misuse in pregnancy
  • The effects of parental alcohol misuse
  • The effects of smoking tobacco
  • Placement of children born to women with blood-borne viruses
  • The needs of black and dual heritage children affected by parental substance misuse
  • Social work assessments with parents who misuse drugs or alcohol
  • Adoption with contact – the impact of drug use
  • Substance misuse and attachment disorganisation
  • Care planning for children looked after as a result of parental substance misuse
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • The vulnerable child in school


Rena Phillips is an independent practitioner and researcher. She has worked as an adoption and foster care specialist, as a teacher and researcher, and has published widely on adoption, disability and children with complex support needs.

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This will come in handy to help us understand what our child has been through before he came to us. This is a dip in book for us, and is a great help to us personally.

Five stars, Amazon customer